Rubicon Ranch: Necropieces ~ Chapter 37: Leia Menendez by Claire Collins

Leia grabbed handfuls of clothes, cramming them into the suitcase. She could rent the house furnished or she may just list it for sale and leave everything in it. Right then, she really didn’t care. The house had been a temporary residence since the day she arrived and now her business here was done.

She hadn’t planned to leave so quickly. She wanted to slip in unnoticed, take care of Morris Sinclair, then slip out just as quietly. It didn’t happen that way. When Moody Sinclair caught her telling Maisey to kill the Morris look alike, Leia knew she had to get out of the area as soon as possible.

She threw open another bag and filled it with items from her bathroom. She’d taken a shower as soon as she got back from the desert, and she’d be presentable while on the road. She’d have to stay somewhere but she wouldn’t have a problem finding a place to rent. Once she’d had the final plastic surgery and healed from it, her transformation would be complete. Leia Menendez would be dead. She gave up the lease on her rental house in Los Angeles before she came to Rubicon Ranch. It was just a matter of time until the last piece of her past was buried. She’d been planning this since Jaz had died so many years earlier. Now that it was over, she was ready to get out and assume her rightful identity.

Her departure would have been quiet except for the Sinclairs. She should just go back and take out Moody Sinclair before she left. One quick bullet. One quick swing of an axe. The thought flitted away just as quickly as it came. Moody wasn’t her enemy. Her enemy was dead.

Poor Moody, the offspring of the devil. Leia placed the bags by the kitchen door, the quickly placed food in a box.

She moved swiftly from the house to the car, carrying the boxes and suitcases and putting them in the truck. She put Maisey’s dog food and bed in the trunk.

She returned to the house. The final item she needed besides Maisey was her purse. In it, photos of a beautiful smiling Jaz waited. That was how Leia wanted to remember Jaz, beautiful and smiling. A vial on a chain in the inside pocket held a lock of blonde hair. Another larger pocket held the gun. She had a knife under the seat of her car. She wasn’t afraid to use either one when the need arose.

“Let’s go, Maisey.”

The dog rose from her place on the kitchen floor where she had watched Leia travel back and forth from room to room. She padded to her master and then out the door to the car.

Leia locked the door behind them and climbed in the driver’s seat, scratching Maisey’s enormous head behind her ear.

“Maisey,” she said. “I think we’ll find us a nice quiet hotel for the night. This neighborhood is a circus.”

She started the car and backed out of the driveway. She put it in drive and headed out of Rubicon Ranch.

Maisey sat in the seat watching as the stucco and adobe houses rolled by.

“Besides,” Leia said quietly, “I have a starlet to kill.”

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